Online Acupressure Certification and Training Information

Acupressure is a form Chinese medicine that entails applying force to pressure points on the body with fingers - instead of needles - to naturally help balance and heal the mind and body. Western medicine has also accepted this form of naturopathic healing, with cancer centers often addressing the use of acupressure bands as a harmless and potentially valid way to combat nausea and vomiting.

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Program-Affiliated Online Acupressure Training

While it is not possible to learn acupressure or become certified to practice it on people in a distance-learning format, it is possible to take courses online to learn the basics of acupressure for animals. Because the prerequisites for these online courses often include hands-on training, these courses may be best suited to professionals in need of continuing education credits or those willing to travel to a campus in order to participate in hands-on courses to round out training.


Credentialing is available from the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management for veterinary professionals who meet a required number of training hours in pain management training. However, this organization does not require any training in acupressure. Applicable training is in topics like acupuncture and physical rehabilitation, as well as allopathic and herbal medicine.

Depending on a professional's background - as a physical therapy professional, licensed technician or veterinarian - the applicable credential earned will either be Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner or Certified Animal Pain Practitioner.

Standalone Online Acupressure Training

While some private coaches and businesses offer online training outside of any certification or degree programs, certain courses might be approved as continuing education courses by individual organizations, like the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. Occasionally, accredited institutions of higher learning offer training in topics like veterinary integrative pain medicine and natural healing, though the online offerings from these schools generally take the form of question-and-answer sessions geared toward concerned pet parents.

Other Options for Online Natural Healing Coursework

Courses that emphasize general holistic healing and less hands-on naturopathic techniques may be easier to find in distance-learning formats. Students who are open to a combination of online and on-campus learning may choose to take acupressure courses on-campus, completing other naturopathic healing courses online. Common course topics of online classes related to holistic health include:

  • Nutrition
  • Life coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Relaxation therapy
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