Online Continuing Education (CE) for Pharmacy Technicians

Current pharmacy technicians can participate in online continuing education programs to learn more about their industry and to advance their skills. Some courses result in advanced certification in specific areas, and some are review courses purely for enrichment purposes.

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Online Continuing Education Options for Pharmacy Technicians

Many online options are available for pharmacy technicians looking to acquire more training and expertise. A few common areas in which pharmacy technicians can earn continuing education certificates include IV compounding, chemotherapy and hazardous drugs, and pharmaceutical compounding. Pharmacy technicians can also participate in online review courses. Also available are online programs to earn a pharmacy technician certificate.

Sterile IV Compounding Certification Program

This program, offered by the National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA), is designed for current pharmacy technicians to expand their knowledge in order to provide further assistance in a pharmacy setting. The program awards four continuing education units (CEUs). This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). In an IV compounding program, students learn the proper procedures for preparing sterile products. Common topics in this program include the following:

  • Sterile product properties
  • Aseptic procedures
  • Facility and equipment
  • Procedures and techniques in IV compounding

Chemo Certification Program

This NPTA program, also accredited by the ACPE, is designed to train pharmacy technicians on the proper handling of chemo drugs and other hazardous drugs. It is quite common for a program like this, as well as other pharmacy technician training programs, to include a very small campus-based section. After completing the online material, students meet on campus for a day or two of hands-on training.

Compounding Certification Program

In this program offered by the National Pharmacy Technician Association, pharmacy technicians are introduced to the proper methods and techniques of pharmaceutical compounding. Students learn about compounding capsules, tablets, ointments and more. Other common topics of study include medication flavoring and compounding for veterinarian pharmaceuticals. This program is worth four CEUs and is accredited by the ACPE.

Review Courses and Online Seminars

Pharmacy technicians can take online review courses to brush up on the things they learned in school and new topics in the pharmaceutical specter. These courses usually consist of a one-time online seminar that doesn't result in certification. Some topics include advances in menopausal therapy, the common cold, pharmacy law, healthcare reform and pain therapy.

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