Online Degrees and Certificates for an Activities Assistant

Activity assistants and activity directors produce and facilitate recreation events for senior citizens. The need for these professionals is likely to increase due to the aging of the U.S. population. This article looks at online activities assistant certificate programs and activity director associate's degree programs.

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Essential Information

Activity assistants in an assisted living facility or senior center carry out the activities that are planned by activities directors. Few schools offer online certificate programs for activities assistants and associate's degree programs for activities directors. These rare programs can be completed entirely online, with courses viewed according to the student's schedule, within set deadlines.

Often, schools will accept students without a high school diploma or GED certificate into an activity assistant certificate program. These programs take less than a year to complete. There are no general education requirements. Students learn about the profession of activities assistant, get an overview of program development and study cultural diversity and how to work with different types of people.

The associate's degree program for activities directors includes general education courses such as English, math and science. The activities director portion of the program includes courses in office management, first aid, program development and crisis prevention.

Overview of an Activity Assistant Online Certificate

An activity assistant online certificate program introduces students to the duties of workers who carry out daily entertainment programs for the elderly and infirm. Basic workplace relationships and cultural sensitivity are also part of the curriculum. Schools prefer but don't require certificate program enrollees to have a high school diploma or GED. Online certificate programs for this subject are rare.

Program Information and Requirements

All course readings, lectures, assignments and chat sessions in an activity assistant online certificate program are accessible through a school's website. Courses have deadlines, but students may study and turn in finished work as their schedules allow. An activity assistant online certificate may be completed entirely online in a year or less.

Students need a multimedia-capable personal computer, Internet access and productivity software to participate in an online program. Schools are likely to use some form of educational content management software, such as Blackboard or Desire2Learn.

List of Common Activity Assistant Courses

Courses in these programs deal with the theories and practices associated with activity assisting. These theories pertain to activity planning, crisis intervention, first aid and more. A certificate program may include one or more general education courses as electives.

Aging Services Introductory Course

This course surveys the history of the activity profession and the settings where activity services are provided, such as retirement communities or nursing homes. Students learn the organizations and agencies that provide care and the regulations governing them.

Activity Development Course

Students in this course learn how leisure programs are planned and implemented. Topics covered include the use of surveys and evaluation techniques.

Cultural Diversity Course

This course examines the effects cultural diversity has on workplaces and how to accommodate differing cultural perspectives. Communication and sustaining relationships in the workplace are a central emphasis of the course.

Career Information for Activity Assistant Graduates

An online certificate in activity assisting enhances a certificate holder's prospects of finding employment as an activity assistant in elder care facilities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (, employment of recreation workers, of which activity assistants are a sub-group, will increase 15% from 2008-2018. reports that as of May 2010, activity assistants with 1-4 years of experience earned a median salary of $19,011-$24,689.

Overview of an Activity Director Online Associate's Degree Program

An online activity director associate's degree program is concerned with the planning and monitoring of daily activities for elderly and disabled people living in assorted care facilities. In addition to planning, students learn about issues facing the aging, office management, personnel management and first aid techniques. A high school diploma or GED is the minimum requirement to enroll in an associate's degree program. Online programs are rare but available from a small number of schools. Those with an associate's degree in the field are likely to have an edge in the job market over those with only a certificate.

Program Information and Requirements

An online activity director associate's degree program may be completed entirely online. Coursework consists of readings, lectures, assignments and chat sessions. Not all classes may be available at any given time; programs often rotate the online classes, and careful academic planning is advised. An associate's degree is typically earned in two years.

List of Common Activity Director Courses

Students take many of the same courses that they would in the certificate program, but the associate's degree includes more management-oriented courses. An online associate's degree program includes a core liberal arts component.

Volunteer Management Course

Students engage with the process of establishing and administering a volunteer program in this course. Topics covered include recruiting, training, deploying and evaluating volunteers.

Activity Management Course

This course covers the fundamental duties of an activity director. Students learn approaches to leadership and the importance of accountability and responsibility.

Crisis Prevention Course

Students learn how to defuse conflict, disruptive behavior and assaults in this course. Negotiating tactics and safe restraint are among the topics covered.

Career Information for Activity Director Graduates

An online activity director associate's degree prepares graduates for positions as activity directors in adult day care facilities, nursing homes, senior centers and retirement communities. Growth will be driven by expanded demand for care services by a growing population of aging individuals, offset by budget constraints among state and local governments. According to May 2010 figures from, the median annual salary of activity directors with 1-4 years of experience was $20,696-$28,704.

Continuing Education Information

Activity directors who want to move on to better-paying positions as care facility administrators need to earn a bachelor's degree or master's degree in business administration. Master's degree programs in business administration are available online. Higher-level activity director degrees are not available either online or offline.

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