Online Dog Grooming Schools: How to Choose

Very few schools offer online programs to prepare students for a professional career in dog grooming. Typically a hands-on course of study, online programs focus on salon maintenance, dog handling and the use of professional grooming equipment. Students interested in a professional online program should consider the type and degree of training offered.

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How to Select an Online Dog Grooming Program

Award Levels

Online schools offer professional non-degree programs for individuals interested in a career in dog grooming. Training in dog grooming requires a substantial amount of hands-on experience, as well as general knowledge about dog breeds, behavior and special care required for each breed. Graduates of online dog grooming programs may earn a diploma or certificate upon completion.

Program Type

Online dog-grooming programs are offered both fully online and in a hybrid format. Students may complete the program through online course instruction consisting of video lectures and online reading. The fully-online option offers a strong industry-specific background, but does not offer hands-on training or typically lead to a diploma. This program is ideal for professionals who want to learn valuable trade techniques or new skills, but are not able to attend regularly scheduled classes.

Programs that award a certificate or diploma in dog grooming typically follow a hybrid format. Coursework and video lectures are provided online. Students also participate in hands-on training, offering a chance to apply the skills learned in an on-site setting at the school.

Technical Requirements

In order to participate in online programs, students are required to have a personal computer and Internet connection. Online dog grooming programs will often recommend that students purchase and gain familiarity with basic dog grooming equipment, such as a dog slicker brush, grooming scissors and clippers.

List of Popular Online Dog Grooming Programs

Professional Online Dog Grooming Diploma Program

A professional online dog-grooming program may take from 1-3 months to complete. The key part of the program helps students identify and better understand the needs of various dog breeds to provide optimal handling and care for each breed. Students will be introduced to basic techniques in brushing, scissoring and washing, as well as popular cuts, including the lamb and summer cut. The program also familiarizes students with the professional standards employed in pet grooming salons, such as shelter and bathing area maintenance, customer expectations, and optimizing the workspace for efficient and safe salon use. Some programs may also offer students a chance to apply their knowledge of handstripping, scissoring, carding and deshedding through field experience at the school or an affiliated grooming salon.

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