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Immunology is the study of immune system function in both healthy individuals and those suffering from disease. Online courses in immunology can serve as continuing education or be part of a degree or certificate program in various fields.

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Essential Information

Online immunology course are available within a range of higher education pursuits and across multiple disciplines. Fields incorporating the study of the immune system include clinical laboratory sciences, histology, public health, biology, genetics, pharmacy science, veterinary science and bioinformatics. These courses are available in fully-online and hybrid formats that include some lab requirements.

Two-year clinical laboratory science certificate programs are available that incorporate online immunology studies into their curricula. Online immunology courses are also available in programs leading to degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Online Courses in Immunology

Below are some of the courses in immunology that students can find online at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Immunology Overview Course

This course provides a broad overview of the immune system. Students take a detailed look into the components that come together to defend healthy organisms, including the various tissues, cells, proteins and chemicals of the immune system. Also explored are the causes, effects, prevention and treatment of various immunological diseases and disorders.

Infections Disease Course

Students in this class learn about various microbial agents that can cause diseases in animals and plants. The characteristics of these agents are evaluated along with native and adaptive immune responses to their attacks. Classification, prevention, transmission, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases are discussed. Also provided is a look at historic, currently active and emerging infectious diseases.

Clinical Immunology Course

The application of immunological concepts in order to prevent, treat and cure immune system diseases is the focus of this course. Students examine various immunological testing techniques employed to study immune system function and deficiencies. Immunological topics for clinical evaluation include transplant and tumor immunology, autoimmunity, immunogenetics and severe allergies.

Immunohematology Course

This course takes an in-depth look at the role of blood and its components in the immune system. Students will review the reactions that occur between antigens and antibodies in both healthy and dysfunctional immune systems. Blood typing, transfusion medicine and antibody identification are discussed. The causes and symptoms of various blood disorders are also considered.

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