Organizational Management Jobs: Requirements, Duties & Career Info

Degree programs in organizational management prepare students to work as supervisors in a variety of business and nonprofit organizations. Organizational managers typically hold a bachelor's degree, but master's and doctoral degrees are also offered at some colleges and universities.

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Organizational Management Requirements

Educational Requirements

Many jobs involving organizational management require employees to have at least a bachelor's degree. Ideally, candidates will possess a bachelor's degree in organizational management, which promotes strategic leadership skills and critical thinking about business practices.

Some colleges and universities also offer a master's or a doctoral degree program in organizational management. These programs build on a bachelor's degree program or offer specific training in organizational management skills to students whose undergraduate degrees were in other disciplines. Programs often cover recruitment strategies, strategic initiatives and negotiation skills.

Additional Requirements

Candidates entering a field as an organizational manager must have excellent problem solving skills and the ability to think quickly and efficiently. The must be able to properly analyze a company and propose a plan to enable it to run more smoothly and proficiently.

Organizational Management Job Duties

A primary task of many organizational managers is to assess a company's business model and strategically re-structure the company to better achieve business goals. Organizational managers

handle many different supervisory tasks, from hiring and firing employees to properly utilizing technological advancements.

Organizational Management Career Information

Job Options

Because of the broad scope of the degree, organizational managers are able to work in a variety of industries. They typically begin in a management position in a human resources or marketing field but can move up from there. Organizational managers with a master's or doctoral degree are more likely to enter an industry at an executive level. Additionally, employees currently working in a management position can increase their chances of promotion by going back to school to attain a bachelor's or master's degree in organizational management.

Salary Information

According to in February 2014, employees with a bachelor's degree in organizational management earned between $40,529 and $93,701 as human resources managers. Those with a degree in organizational management who were working as operations managers earned between $59,133 and $71,462.

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