Public Health Manager: Job Description and Requirements

The role of a public health manager is to oversee the general operations of a public health organization, such as a hospital, health department, or medical facility. Alternative names for a public health manager may include healthcare administer or health services manager. Aspiring public health managers are required to obtain at least a master's degree in a related field, but a bachelor's degree may be acceptable for entry-level positions at smaller facilities.

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Public Health Manager Job Description

Public health managers oversee the non-clinical, business-oriented side of public health. Public healthcare is the use of preventative treatment methods on a larger scale. Examples of public health services include providing influenza shots, distributing condoms, treating smallpox, and educating the public on HIV and AIDS diseases and treatment options. In general, public health managers are in charge of maintaining healthcare standards, managing finances, coordinating treatment programs, and providing an efficient healthcare operation. Additionally, managers are also in charge of human resources within a healthcare system, as well as marketing of new treatments and healthcare policies to the public.

Public Health Manager Education Requirements

Public health managers are often existing healthcare professionals working who desire to obtain an administrative position. Previous healthcare experience is preferred by many graduate degree programs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, positions require the aspirant to hold at least a master's degree due to the level of management experience needed. Aspiring public health managers can enroll in master's-level degree programs such as a Master of Public Health, a Master of Science in Healthcare Management, or a graduate-level Public Health Management Certificate.

Coursework topics in these programs may include management principles, public health ethics and methodology, leadership skills, and budgeting. Offered online as well as on campus, the master's degree programs can generally be completed in two years or less. Certificate programs are significantly shorter and are only around 10-15 credit hours in length.

Another route of entering the field of public health and eventually becoming a public health manager is to enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Public Health program. This degree program prepares students to educate the public on healthcare procedures and related public health risks.

Salary Info and Job Outlook

The BLS categorizes public health managers as one type of medical and health services managers and projects that the employments of such workers will grow by about 23% between 2012 and 2022. The median annual salary earned by all medical and health services managers was $90,940, per the BLS in 2013.

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