Retail Assistant Manager: Job Description, Requirements and Career Info

Retail assistant managers are tasked with helping store and corporate management to ensure retail outlets function well. Duties include sales maximization, customer service improvement, personnel scheduling, and employee organization. The amount of training and education necessary to become an assistant manager in a retail store can vary greatly depending upon the employer.

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Career Description

Many titles exist for this job, including retail store manager assistant, assistant manager, and retail store assistant manager. The main job duty of an assistant manager is to help the store manager in the smooth and profitable operation of the business. This effort entails many duties.

Job Duties

According to, assistant managers are part of a store's managerial team and therefore have the authority to make decisions about store operations. Management teams seek to raise the store's profits by attracting more shoppers, providing better customer service, and selling more goods. Training salespeople and monitoring inventory may be part of an assistant manager's job, explains O*Net, from the U.S. Department of Labor ( Assistant managers must settle conflicts such as scheduling errors or customer complaints. They are often involved with maintaining the physical appearance of their stores and ensuring quality product presentation.


Experience & Education

The requirements to become an assistant manager in a retail store vary depending upon the size of the store and policies of the store owner. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), smaller stores with individual owners may sometimes promote lower-level salespeople into management positions ( Large retail chains often prefer to hire those with some retail experience who also hold certificates or college degrees in relevant areas like management or business administration. Degrees in the social sciences or liberal arts may also be considered useful for managers.


Almost all retail stores provide some degree of training for new employees. The duration and type of this training depends entirely upon the employer. While some provide only basic training combined with on-the-job learning, others have mandatory training programs lasting several days. Many large retail chains that hire college graduates provide managerial training programs. Additional training may be required of those who are working with advanced products such as computers or cosmetics, according to the BLS.

Career Info: Predictions and Salary

According to, the middle 50% of all retail store manager assistants earned $33,450 to $45,321 in 2014. The BLS predicted an average growth in employment of retail salespersons over 2012-2022 at 10%, with many predicted new positions because of population growth and many jobs opening because sales positions have high turnover as employees leave. However, managerial positions in retail had slower growth outlook.

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