Revenue Analyst: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Revenue analysts are accountants who analyze a company's finances in order to help with revenue management. These analysts primarily receive their training through undergraduate degree programs in related fields to offer insight and suggest ways to improve revenue growth.

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Revenue Analyst Job Description

Revenue analysts play an important role in a company's business growth by helping maximize revenue and bringing to attention any issues regarding accounting, business procedures, or finances. These professionals serve as a point of contact within their company and relay information to other members of the revenue policy team, as well as staff members from other departments. They often train staff members in new revenue control policies and collaborate with other staff regarding revenue systems evaluations and improvements.

Revenue Analyst Job Duties

Revenue analysts regularly review a company's financial transactions, sales contracts, and business practices. In addition to providing guidance for improvement, they also identify revenue control risk, and may develop and implement revenue control plans. They also monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their revenue control plans.

Analysts in this field often prepare quarterly and yearly revenue reports, as well as documentations of financial arrangements. They sometimes work with members of the sales department and assist in customer negotiations in order to help the company achieve revenue objectives.

Revenue Analyst Requirements

Most employers require a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or a related area in addition to accounting, financial, analytical, or auditing experience. Revenue analysts must be knowledgeable in areas such as accounting and finances, Software Revenue Recognition, business operations, and computer software, including Microsoft Excel, Oracle Financials, and data mining applications. Revenue analysts may also benefit from having strong analytical, communication, multi-tasking, presentation, and team work skills.

Some employers also prefer or require that their revenue analysts be certified public accountants (CPAs). The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) offers a certification examination for prospective CPAs ( Qualification for the certification varies by state, but usually includes earning a degree in accounting and obtaining professional work experience.

Salary Info and Job Outlook

According to, the majority of revenue analysts earn between $31,852 and $68,643 a year, as of July 2014. Information specific to the field of revenue analysis, the BLS did project that the employment of budget analysts will likely grow by about 6% between 2012 and 2022, a rate slower than the average predicted for all occupations.

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