Salary and Career Info for Global Business Administration Professionals

As information technology makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to operate on an international scale, global business administration professionals strive to ensure their business operations work together efficiently and seamlessly. They also take a leadership role in identifying and responding to global trends and events that could affect their business.

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Salary Information

Salaries for global business administration professionals vary, depending on the industry and occupation. Although some industries have obvious global components, such as international trade, almost any domestic industry can have an international business presence. These include human resources, financial services, clothing sales, and entertainment sectors.

Global business administration workers, who fall under the category of administrative services managers, earned an average annual salary of $88,660, according to May 2012 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, The BLS reported the industries that offered the highest pay for this occupation were:

  • Financial investing: $125,980
  • Manufacturing of coal- and petroleum-based products: $125,770
  • Securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage: $124,270

Job growth was expected to be about average between 2010-2020, with fewer high-level management positions available, according to the BLS (

Career Information

Global business administration professionals take on a variety of duties to ensure efficient operation of the business. They may manage various departments, lead a centralized operation or oversee specific functions, such as distribution and inventory.

Most global business administration positions require a bachelor's degree. Many colleges and universities offer international business programs, but a standard business degree is acceptable for employment. There are also certificate programs available in international management.

Global business degree programs may offer internships that can lead to paid positions and possibly international travel. Fluency in at least two languages is extremely helpful, and in some jobs it is a requirement. Senior-level positions and teaching positions require a post-graduate degree.

Global business workers at all levels must be comfortable working with different cultures and customs. Individuals who own a company that does business internationally or who may work for a company owned by foreign investors will likely encounter a diverse workforce.

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