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Coastline Community College is a 2-year public college with a main building located approximately nine miles from Anaheim, CA, in Fountain Valley. The college offers a variety of certificate and associate's degree programs for those interested in computer networking.

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Coastline Community College

Established in 1967, Coastline Community College (CCC) has three main campuses in Orange County: the Westminster, Costa Mesa and Garden Grove centers. Its approximately 11,000 students represent many age groups and include U.S. military service members who attend through distance learning programs. It belongs to the Coast Community College District. CCC offers services including a career center, an electronic library, a tutoring center and a transfer center for those who want to apply their credits toward 4-year programs at other schools.

The Computer Services Technology (CST) Department offers a variety of computer networking courses in the classroom and online. The Garden Grove center offers the business computer programs, including the CST networking programs. Some computer courses are also available at the Westminster center.

Computer Networking Programs

Certificate of Specialization in Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

This program requires three courses, for a total of nine units. These courses focus on implementing IP switching, implementing Cisco IP routing and troubleshooting Cisco IP networks.

Certificate of Accomplishment in Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)

The program covers topics including routing protocols, router configuration, local area network (LAN) switching and wide area network (WAN) design. It requires four courses, for a total of 12 units. Students must maintain a 'C' average to be awarded the certificate.

Certificate of Accomplishment in Network Security

This program requires courses in ethical hacking and security essentials. Topics include Microsoft, Cisco and Linux security, Internet and e-mail security and security procedures. Students can choose from electives in intrusion detection systems, computer forensics, security consulting and wireless network administration.

Certificate of Achievement in Computer Networking

The program offers three concentrations: Cisco, Microsoft and security. It prepares students to become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists, CCNA, CCNP or security administrators. All three concentrations require courses in A+ essentials hardware, networking, Cisco fundamentals and security essentials. Students must then take three courses toward the concentration.

Associate of Science in Computer Networking

The program offers the same three concentrations as the computer networking certificate programs, requires the same courses and also requires general education courses. These include at least 2.5 units of global and multicultural studies courses. Other general education requirements include courses in communications, English, math, the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences.

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