Video Store Manager: Job Duties, Requirements and Salary Info

Video store managers train sales associates, schedule employee hours, and manage product promotions. Those who work for a video retail corporation must adhere to corporate policies and practices. Many video store managers motivate their staff through incentives to improve productivity and boost sales.

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Video Store Manager: Job Duties, Requirements Salary Info

Job Duties

Video store managers are responsible for creating a successful store and maintaining performance ratings. They interview and hire sales associates, train staff members, and supervise daily activities. Some delegate duties to assistant managers, especially for larger stores.

To increase sales in a competitive market, video store managers often run promotional campaigns. Sometimes these campaigns are created by the store chain's corporate offices, if applicable. Occasionally managers can create and run their own campaigns. This involves a marketing plan and the training of employees to execute it.

Most of the larger video retailers require that video store managers continually motivate sales associates through incentive programs. Some managers have the freedom to construct their own programs. Many companies do have a structured incentive program that must be understood and implemented.

Whether working for a larger organization or an individual store, video store managers handle the daily financial accounting of the store. They file reports concerning work hours of employees, chart overall sales, and detail operational costs. They're also responsible ensuring daily receipts are deposited at financial institutions and that there's enough cash on hand each day to conduct transactions.

Skills and Education Requirements

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), video store managers are included in the larger category of sales managers ( While most sales managers hold a degree, it is generally not required for a video store manager because sufficient store experience and on-site training may provide the skills and experience needed.

Many retailers do prefer that video store managers have a decent knowledge of movies to meet with customer needs. Job postings on in October 2013 stated that sales managers need strong communication skills to direct employees and to talk with customers. Video store managers should be open to learning new skills since many employers require that managers attend frequent leadership training seminars.

Salary Information

Salary information for a video store manager is unavailable but comparisons can be made. In 2012, the BLS reported that department store managers earned an annual mean salary of $78,220. In 2012, counter clerks and rental clerks earned an average salary of $26,900, according to the BLS. A video store manager's annual salary likely falls within these two figures.

Since video store managers work full-time, they are eligible for insurance benefits in most states. Furthermore, they may receive special bonuses for meeting or exceeding sales expectations.

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