Volunteer Coordinator: Job Description, Duties and Salary

Volunteer coordinators are responsible for recruiting and managing groups of volunteers, as well as individual members of a volunteer organization. They must have strong communication and management skills, since they must work with many different kinds of people.

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Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Volunteer coordinators are put in place to ensure that the interests of volunteers are served and that the volunteer organization remains well staffed. They may coordinate and schedule volunteers on an ongoing basis or organize single events. Volunteer coordinators must also keep existing volunteers informed via newsletters or other communications.

Volunteer coordinators often work to actively recruit volunteers for their organization. They may reach out to established volunteers or seek new help using various marketing tools, including volunteer databases, e-mail letters, and outreach events. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in volunteer coordination must be detail-oriented and organized, since they may work on many projects at once. They must also be outgoing and communicate effectively with a variety of people. Because they often work for mission-driven nonprofit organizations, volunteer coordinators must also adhere to the values of their organization and convey its purpose to others.

Volunteer Coordinator Duties

Coordinators must match interested volunteers with an opportunity that suits their skill set and serves the organization. Volunteer coordinators must make an effort to ensure that individual volunteers feel comfortable with their placements and fully understand their responsibilities. Depending on the nature of the organization, coordinators may conduct interviews to determine the roles that volunteers will take.

In some cases, volunteer coordinators may work with large groups rather than individuals. In these instances, the coordinator serves as a point of contact for all parties. Whether they are working with a single volunteer or a large group, volunteer coordinators must ensure that all workers receive proper training. They may lead on-the-job training or conduct informational sessions prior to volunteer events.

Volunteer coordinators must also maintain communication with existing volunteers. Since volunteers are usually unpaid and their services greatly contribute to an organization's functions, it is important that they feel appreciated and stay informed. Volunteer coordinators may hold events to thank volunteers or send individual correspondences. Informative e-mails and newsletters are often sent to volunteers to keep them abreast of happenings within the organization and informed of additional opportunities to participate.

Volunteer Coordinator Salary

PayScale.com reported that most volunteer coordinators earned between $25,163 and $45,561 annually as of July 2014. Non-profit, healthcare, and social services organizations are among the industries that frequently employ individuals in this position.

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