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There are ten schools within 25 miles of downtown Denver that have computer science degree programs. Read an overview of three of the programs available, and see requirements and admission information to find out which school is the right one for you.

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Comparison of Denver Computer Science Schools

Among the schools in the Denver area offering computer science programs, the Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) is the largest educator of undergraduate students in Colorado. MSU Denver seeks to provide small classes taught by teachers who are actual professors, and students may custom-design their degree programs to fit their interests. The University of Colorado - Denver, (UCD) offers computer science options through the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the school's main campus in downtown Denver. UCD seeks to equip its students with a balanced education, preparing them to solve real world problems. The University of Denver (UD) offers both traditional and contemporary degree options related to computing and computer science through the School of Engineering & Computer Science. UD focuses on disseminating scientific knowledge to its students so that they may go out and work to better society on a worldwide scale.

Metropolitan State College of Denver University of Colorado Denver University of Denver
Computer Science Degrees Offered Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Minor in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Minor in Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Minor in Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
Related Programs Offered Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
Minor in Computer Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Information Systems
Master of Science in Information Systems
Bachelor of Arts or Science in Game Development
Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing
School Type 4-year; public 4-year; public 4-year; private not-for-profit
Total Enrollment (2011) 23,789* 22,495* 11,797*
Campus Setting Large City Large City Large City
Tuition and fees (2011-2012) $4,834 in-state, $15,690 out-of-state* $7,394 in-state, $20,570 out-of-state* $37,833*
% of First-Year Students Receiving Some Form of Financial Aid (2011) 67%* 69%* 85%*
Acceptance Rate (2011) 70%* 60%* 68%*
Retention Rate (2011) 66% for full-time students; 58% for part-time students* 76% for full-time students; 56% for part-time students* 89% for full-time students; 80% for part-time students*
Graduation Rate (2011) 21%* 40%* 78%*
Relevant Facilities Collaboration Lab with 7 Linux machines 3 Windows machines and 6 CS student project dedicated machines Multi-Core cluster with 268 CPU cores and 8 Tesla GPUs, lab room with 25 Linux-based PCs SUN servers and Solaris workstations, Linux-based PC research lab, Ethernet network.
Noteworthy Graduates the highest number of students in Colorado Has the most research funding in Colorado Classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a doctoral/research university with high research activity
Distance from Downtown 1.6 miles (7 minutes) 1.6 miles (10 minutes) 5.4 miles (18 minutes)

Source: *NCES College Navigator

Degrees at Metropolitan State College of Denver

The Metropolitan State College of Denver offers both an undergraduate major and a minor program in computer science. Certification programs are also available in advanced software engineering techniques and for information systems specialists, in areas such as databases, end user support and programming.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The bachelor's program at MUS Denver is offered through the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. Students need to earn 120 credit hours to graduate, which includes a math minor, covering classes such as calculus and computational matrix algebra. The required computer science coursework includes 50 semester hours of classes such as introductory computer science, computer organization, programming languages, operating systems, algorithms and software engineering. In addition to general education requirements, students also need to meet a minimum of 30 hours in science and math requirements.

Minor in Computer Science

To earn this minor, students need to complete 20 hours of coursework in computer science with a grade of C or better. Computer Science I and II are required, comprising eight of the hours, and then students may choose from computer science electives in upper-division courses to complete the balance of the required coursework.

Degrees at the University of Colorado - Denver

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

To earn a bachelor's degree in computer science from UCD, students need to complete 128 semester hours of coursework with a minimal 2.0 GPA. During the course of the program, students will take 73 semester hours of required and elective computer science courses covering computing fundamentals, algorithms, database systems, data structures and programming languages. Twenty-one semester hours of math coursework in calculus, differential equations and discrete structures and ten hours of physics are also required, providing a solid technical background for degree candidates. During the last two semesters of the program, computer science majors are required to take two senior design project classes.

Minor in Computer Science

Open to any undergraduate at UCD except those already majoring in computer science, the minor in computer science requires completion of seven required classes and three electives with a 2.0 GPA or better. The required coursework includes calculus and analytical geometry, computing fundamentals, programming, data structures and discrete structures. Electives at the advanced 3000 level need to be approved.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Applicants to UCD's master's degree program will need a bachelor's degree (GPA of 3.0 or better) with prerequisite coursework in math and computer science. The program involves 30 semester hours of required and elective classes covering topics such as operating systems, computer architecture and algorithms. Students may opt to earn their degree by completing a master's thesis or project, or by taking additional coursework. The thesis and project options require defense before a committee.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Information Systems

The Ph.D. program in computer science and information systems at UCD is offered through both the computer science and engineering school and the business school. This program requires completion of 60 semester hours of coursework, such as parallel processing, management information systems, computer networks and security, plus dissertation research. Ph.D. students take courses in research, methodology and computer science during the first two years and then need to pass the preliminary exam, followed by the comprehensive exam in the third or fourth year. The Ph.D. proposal and dissertation defense occur in the fourth year.

Degrees at the University of Denver

The University of Denver offers the ability to create interdisciplinary degrees, so in addition to majoring in computer science, students may be able design their own majors. Active research is ongoing in areas such as information security, software engineering and humane gaming.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The program at the University of Denver is grounded firmly in the study of mathematics, and students earning a bachelor's degree will earn a minor in math as part of the program. An additional minor in a second discipline must be earned over the course of earning the 183 quarter hours required to graduate. Core computer science coursework includes classes in discrete structures, systems programming, algorithms and computer organization.

Minor in Computer Science

Students must complete 20 quarter hours of related courses for the computer science minor; these include three introductory classes. Coursework in discrete structures, algorithms and data structures is recommended, and additional courses may need to be approved by faculty from the computer science department.

Master of Science in Computer Science

The master's program is designed for students who have a bachelor's degree and requires prerequisite courses in computer science, computer organization, algorithms and data structures, and discreet structures. The 48-quarter-hour program includes required coursework in programming languages, operating systems and algorithms, along with two courses from elective options that include compiler design, compiler construction, computer networking and computer graphics. Candidates may choose to complete a thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Students wishing to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science will need to complete 90 quarter hours of coursework and to successfully produce and defend a dissertation. Optional fields of study include software engineering, programming languages, numerical computing, game theory and graphics. Doctoral candidates will need to meet coursework and examination benchmarks during the course of the degree program in order to continue their studies.

Other School Options

Both the Community College of Denver, located in Denver, and the Arapahoe Community College, located just outside Denver, offer certificate and associate's degree options, which will typically take up to two years to complete. Programs offered by these colleges include associate's degrees in areas such as computer information systems and technology and certificates in computer information systems, network technology and graphics.

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