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Anatomy is applicable to a variety of professions, mostly in the medical and scientific fields. If you're interested in studying the human body and its structures, read on to learn about degree and career options in the anatomical sciences.

Inside Anatomy

Anatomy education provides those pursuing a career in the biological and medical sciences with an understanding of how organs and major systems of the human body function. Most healthcare professions entail general education in anatomy during enrollment in college or medical school. The study of anatomy is also good preparation for careers in science, nutrition, fitness and education.

Anatomy education programs range all the way from the associate to doctorate levels and prepare individuals for a number of different jobs. Visit Education-Portal.com to find the information you need to make your degree and career decisions.

Education Information

An undergraduate degree may be sufficient for many entry-level jobs in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. Graduate degrees are typically required for more advanced careers in anatomy, including medicine, surgery and scientific research. Anatomy certificate programs generally offer additional graduate-level training that can help students gain entry into graduate or medical school. In some cases, only students currently enrolled in anatomy-related graduate programs are eligible to pursue anatomy certificates.

Depending on career goals, students can choose from a wide range of degree programs in anatomy or a related field. Listed below are just some of the education options in anatomy and closely related fields.

Distance Learning

Those interested in studying anatomy remotely can choose from a variety of online courses available either for college credit or as free, non-credit courses. However, programs in medicine and nursing that typically require extensive hands-on training are rarely offered fully online. Check out the following links to learn more about distance learning opportunities.

Career Options

Students interested in anatomy may choose from many diverse career paths. Listed below are just a few samples of the Education-Portal.com articles that discuss careers related to anatomy.

Salary Information

Anatomy is associated with many high-paying professions; however, salaries vary widely by field and specialty. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), median annual wages as of May 2013 were $81,030 for physical therapists, $66,220 for registered nurses and $90,940 for medical and health services managers (www.bls.gov). The median annual wages for physicians in family and general practices were $176,530 in May 2013, according to the BLS.

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