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We live in a technology-driven world and computers are used in every facet of life, especially in the workplace. A computer science degree may open doors for many career options. Read on to learn more about the opportunities in computer science.

Inside Computer Sciences

Computer science professionals take part in the design, upgrade and improvement of computer systems in a wide array of industries. From artificial intelligence and security to computer games and graphics, a computer science graduate can choose from a variety of career paths. Students who wish to enter a computer science degree program should have strong mathematical, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Education Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employers often seek out job applicants with advanced degrees in this area (, though computer science programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels via certificates and degrees. Many students obtain a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science for a broad educational base that covers aspects from artificial intelligence to information management.

Students of a computer science program can expect to take classes in networks, algorithms and programming languages. In addition, different concentrations within the computer science field are available and include network security, computer forensics, software engineering and cryptography. Review the links below for more details about programs in this field of study.

Distance Learning Options

Do you prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home? There are many online programs offered in the computer science field of study. Here are a few links to articles with more information about online learning options.

Career Options

From help desk technician to database administrator, there are many career paths to choose from in the computer science field. Those who obtain a bachelor's degree generally work at entry-level positions in fields such as software engineering and systems analysis, while those advanced degrees work as teachers, college professors, systems engineers, research scientists and consultants. Take a look at these articles from for a sampling of what is available.

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

The job outlook and potential earnings for graduates of computer science programs varies by career path. According to the BLS, the number of employed computer support specialists was expected to increase 17% from 2012-2022, which is faster than the national average for all occupations. The median salary among specialists who focused on user support was $46,620 as of 2013. Job openings for computer programmers were expected to increase 8% from 2012-2022, which is about average, and these professionals earned a median of $76,140 per year.

The BLS reported that the median income for computer and information research scientists in May 2013 was $106,290. In addition, the job outlook was good, with employment of computer scientists expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations, by 15%, from 2012 to 2022.

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