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The Dallas area has more than ten colleges that offer graphic design programs. Learn about the degree programs, admission info and program requirements for three of these schools to make an informed education decision.

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Comparison of Graphic Design Schools in Dallas

Students interested in graphic design, computer graphics or graphic communication programs in the Dallas area have several school options from which to choose. North Lake College, part of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), is located approximately 13 miles from Dallas in Irving. Its computer graphics programs can prepare students to design graphics for the web or for video games. Tarrant County College is a two-year, public institution that offers an associate degree option in graphic communication as well as a certificate in computer graphics. Many graphic design companies require applicants hold a bachelor's degree in the field. One school that offers such a program is Texas Christian University, located roughly 35 miles from Dallas in Fort Worth.

North Lake College Tarrant County College Texas Christian University
Graphic Design Degree Programs Offered Computer Graphics Certificate
Computer Graphics Specialist Certificate
Associate of Applied Sciences in Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Certificate
Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Communication
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
Related Programs Offered Animation and Visual Effects Certificate Associate of Applied Science in Computer-Aided Drafting Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art
School Type Two-year, public Two-year, public Four-year, private, not-for-profit
Total Enrollment (2011) 11,865 undergraduates* 50,062 undergraduates* 8,229 undergraduate and 1,289 graduate students*
Campus Setting Midsize city Large city Large city
Tuition & Fees (2011-2012) $1,350 for in-district, $2,490 for in-state and $3,960 for out-of-state residents* $1,224 for in-district, $1,776 for in-state and $3,984 for out-of-state residents* $32,490*
% of Students Receiving Some Form of Financial Aid (2011) 51% of first-year students enrolled full-time* 66% of first-year students enrolled full-time* 79% of first-year students enrolled full-time*
Acceptance Rate (2011) N/A - Open admissions N/A - Open admissions 38%*
Retention Rate (2011) 57% for full-time and 44% for part-time students* 55% for full-time and 44% for part-time students* 87% for full-time and 100% for part-time students*
Graduation Rate (for students who began in 2008) 9% of first-year students enrolled full-time graduated within 150% of 'normal time'* 9% for first-year students enrolled full-time* 74% of students who began in 2005 graduated within 150% of 'normal time'*
Relevant Resources Traditional art curriculum integrated with new computer technology and graphic design Students can take classes that will transfer towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts at a four-year school The school offers a Design Focus organization for students with similar interests to meet monthly and attend design-related events
Noteworthy Established in 1977, it is one of seven schools within the Dallas County Community College District The Northeast campus is the sixth-largest college or university in Texas The program has a 90% job placement rate upon graduation
Distance from Downtown (Driving Time) 13.4 mi (20 min) 25.6 mi (31 min) 35.4 mi (41 min)

Source:'*National Center of Education Statistics, College Navigator

Programs at North Lake College

North Lake College offers an Associate of Applied Sciences in Computer Graphics, a certificate in computer graphics and a computer graphics specialist certificate program. Students interested in enrolling in either program should note that North Lake requires students to complete a minimum of 25% of the program requirements at the school from which they are obtaining a degree or certificate.

Computer Graphics Certificate

North Lake's computer graphics certificate program requires a minimum of 33-34 credit hours and provides students with the training and background to gain entry-level employment in the computer graphics industry. All courses are applicable to the associate degree in computer graphics if students wish to enroll in that program upon completion of the certificate.

Computer Graphics Specialist Certificate

The computer graphics specialist certificate program has three curriculum options (print, web or animation graphics) that will give students more in-depth training. Students are required to complete a minimum of 18-22 credit hours for this certification. Students will have specific technical and conceptual skills within their area of choice in the computer graphics field upon completion of the program. Like the computer graphics certificate, this program is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position or to further their education.

Associate of Applied Sciences in Computer Graphics

North Lake's associate degree program emphasizes motion graphics within the design field and integrates hands-on learning with conceptual art knowledge. Students are required to take between 60-66 credit hours and can choose from two different tracks of study in either animation or print/web. Ceramics, 3-D animation, visual design, marketing and digital imaging are examples of courses offered within each of these specific tracks of study. All students enrolled in the degree program are required to take courses in 2-D design, art appreciation, drawing, web design and composition in addition to general education classes such as art history and speech communication.

Programs at Tarrant County College

Tarrant County College's Northeast campus offers an associate degree and certificate option in graphic communication within its visual arts department. Through hands-on training and the latest technology and software, students will learn how to create layouts and illustrations, manipulate photographs and perform web design techniques necessary for advancement in the field.

Computer Graphics Certificate

Students are required to take seven computer graphics courses totaling 25 credit hours, a three-credit capstone, one composition course and three classes within the visual arts department in order to complete the certificate program. The capstone course must be taken in the student's final semester and requires students to create and present a portfolio containing completed graphic design projects.

Associate of Applied Sciences in Graphic Communication

Students enrolled in this program must take one course in each of the following general education fields of study: composition, communication, mathematics and behavioral science, as well as four visual arts courses. Additionally, students must take the required 10 courses within the graphic communication field plus a capstone course that will be taken during the final semester. Required courses include web design, photography, computer illustration, digital publishing, digital imaging and basic animation. Students must also take one elective course, chosen from a pool of 16 options.

Programs at Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University offers the only four-year graphic design degree program within 50 miles of Dallas. Students can either earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design. Although similar, the BA in Graphic Design differs from the BFA in that it allows students to have a more flexible curriculum and combine graphic design or coursework with another major or minor of their choice.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Students enrolled in the BFA in Graphic Design program at TCU are required to take 39 core curriculum credits, 27 credits within the School of Art and 57 credit hours within the graphic design curriculum. Graphic design-specific courses include typography, advertising design, illustration, corporate identity, photo illustration and publication design. Built into the graphic design required coursework is a senior thesis, portfolio and marketing course, as well as a creative internship that must be taken the summer prior to a student's senior year.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

The BA in Graphic Design at TCU will give students a broader general education than the BFA through a chosen major or minor as well as an extensive background in graphic design from upper division courses. Requirements for completion of this degree option include 42 credits of upper-level courses, 39 credits of core curriculum, 18 credits within a chosen area of study for a minor and 36 credit hours within the graphic design division. Students are also required to show competency in a foreign language either through standardized test scores or foreign language coursework. Unlike the BFA, students are not required to partake in an internship or senior thesis.

Other School Options

Students can also earn an associate degree or certificate in computer graphics at Cedar Valley College. Also part of the Dallas County Community College District, Cedar Valley offers the same options as North Lake College and is located roughly 15 miles from downtown Dallas in Lancaster, TX.

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