Holistic Nutrition Schools in Minneapolis with Program Overviews

No schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offer degrees strictly in holistic nutrition. However, St. Catherine's University in St. Paul, which is right next to Minneapolis, offers a graduate certificate and degree in holistic health studies.

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St. Catherine University's Holistic Health Programs

St. Catherine's is a private, non-profit institution that offers a variety of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Holistic health is offered as a certificate or as a master's degree, and nutrition alternatives are taught as part of a complete and integrative healthcare model.

Holistic Health Studies Graduate Certificate

This 1-2 year program is available to students who are exploring their graduate options, but it's primarily designed for professionals with graduate degrees who want to expand their qualifications. Individuals complete three core courses that are designed to acquaint them with the central aspects of holistic health and multi-cultural perspectives on healing. Students are also required to complete six elective credits in other areas of interest. Elective courses investigate subjects, such as holistic nutrition, environmental issues, spiritual wellness, energy work, meditation and herbology. A master's level certificate is received upon graduation.

Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies

Students tailor this master's program to meet their individual needs, and it may take at least two years to complete. The completion of core classes is required, such as mind and body interactions, holistic health and women, social change and practicum. Elective courses are available, including an option for an independent research project. A holistic nutrition course is mandatory and introduces students to a variety of wholesome foods as they relate to consumer health and the environment. Students gain access to the latest research on healing and food, sustainable agriculture and nutrition data. The program prepares graduates to be leaders and professionals with an eye on social justice and sustainable environmental practices.

Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies and Master of Social Work Dual Degree

This concurrent program requires students to enroll in either the holistic health studies or social work program and apply to the other one after a semester. The combined studies help students offer their clients a unique perspective, since they are trained to advocate for human rights and social justice with the health system in mind. Students work with an adviser from each program to develop a plan of study. A holistic nutrition course may be part of the designed curriculum, and graduates receive two master's degrees upon completion.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2004 Randolph Ave., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105
  • 'Phone Number: (651) 690-6000
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