Human Anatomy Online Course Descriptions and Program Options

Several universities, colleges and private distance learning institutions offer online coursework in human anatomy. This may include non-credit free courses as well as for-credit certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Keep reading to explore online program options, learning methods and coursework available in this field of study.

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Free Online Anatomy Courses

Many courses in anatomy are provided online for free. These courses don't require students to complete assignments or examinations, and assignments are not graded if students do complete them. Pre-taped lectures and reading materials are accessible online with minimal technical requirements. Free courses generally do not provide college credit or instructor interaction. Online anatomy courses may include a number of learning aids, such as diagnostic images, diagrams and virtual simulations, to support students in identifying parts of the body.

General Human Anatomy

This course introduces students to basic human anatomy, like the central nervous system, the lymphatic system and the brain. Lectures in this online program cover hematology, ocular structures and motor pathways. Students in this online human anatomy course aren't expected to complete assignments or read outside course material.

Human Reproductive Biology

Online students interested in studying the reproductive anatomy of human beings can take this course. Lectures cover topics specific to human reproduction, such as the menstrual cycle, ovum growth development and birth defects. Students in this online course may choose to complete assignments and examinations, but answers aren't provided.

Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering

This online course in biomedical engineering focuses on the relationship between human anatomy, medicine and technology. Topics of study in online biomedical engineering courses include cardiovascular physiology, immunology and tissue engineering. Students in this online class also learn about Food and Drug Administration procedures and pharmaceuticals.

Undergraduate Certificate in Anatomy

While there aren't any undergraduate or graduate degrees in anatomy available online, some online undergraduate certificate programs are available. Many undergraduate certificates in anatomy are concentrated on specific parts of the body or a medical specialty. Courses related to an online undergraduate certificate are moderated by a professor who assigns work and grades exams.

Cardiovascular Anatomy

This course introduces the inner workings and physiology of the heart and circulatory system. In this class, students learn about the intricacies of oxygen transportation and the importance of red cell production. Students in this course also discuss advances in technology and medicine relating to the cardiovascular system.


Studying the effects of disease on the body, pathophysiology examines symptoms and pain for diagnostic purposes. Disorders and issues, such as inflammation, carcinogenesis and immune system response, are used to create a systematic approach to clinical procedures.

Graduate Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology

A few schools offer online certificate programs at the graduate level in this field of study. They are typically designed for students who may need specialized instruction in anatomy for their current careers or for individuals preparing for further medical or clinical training. Prospective students must have a bachelor's degree to be eligible for enrollment. These programs may have a similar focus to those at the undergraduate level, but go more in depth. Students could study the following topics:

  • Human body systems and their interaction
  • Impact of disease on organs and other body parts
  • Structure and function of organ cells and tissues
  • Medical physiology
  • Research methods

How Online Learning Works

Students taking distance learning courses typically log on to an online classroom to complete coursework. These sites, which are managed by colleges and universities, contain lectures, assignments, discussion forums and other tools to help students learn and stay engaged. Some programs may require students to take part in live chat sessions, which allow for class discussions among students and instructors.

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