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Iridology is the technique by which alternative medicine practitioners use characteristics found in the iris to diagnose disease. The practice is controversial and not officially regulated in the United States; however, some organizations do offer courses that lead to iridology certification.

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Iridology Certification

Alternative medicine practitioners who utilize iridology purport that they can look into a patient's eye and determine health from the color, patterns and shape of the iris. Scientific studies have indicated that this practice doesn't necessarily produce accurate results. Although there is no official licensure or certification process for iridology that is regulated by the United States, there are a few organizations offering courses and programs that can lead to a type of certification in the field. One such organization is the International Iridology Practitioners Association.

Individuals enrolled in an iridology certification program learn the basic theory behind iridology, as well as how to treat patients. In addition to the history of iridology, students in a certification program examine the anatomy of the eye and various pupil types. They learn how characteristics of the iris can correlate to different sicknesses and diseases. There are minimal educational prerequisites for most iridology certification programs. Most require merely an age limit and a willingness to learn.

Program Coursework

Some courses included in an iridology certification program include:

  • Basic iridology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Emotional iridology
  • Techniques in analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Running a consulting practice

Employment and Career Overview

Few alternative medicine practitioners use iridology in their practice. Less than 50 can be contacted for consultation through the International Iridology Practitioners Association. Due to the limited demand for iridologists, many individuals certified in the field are also certified in another aspect of alternative medicine.

Because there are few iridologists, salary data is hard to find. According to in October 2013, the annual salary for a certified wellness coach ranged from $39,334 to $69,077. Practitioners of alternative medicine like licensed acupuncturists made between $29,866 and $126,507 as of October 2013, reported.

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