I-Teach Programs in Texas: Certification Program Overview

iTeach TEXAS is a teacher certification program available to individuals who have obtained bachelor's degrees in fields other than education. Designed with flexibility in mind, this state-recognized program offers online courses and supervised training in order to meet the requirements needed to obtain certification as a teacher in the state of Texas.

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iTeach TEXAS Teacher Certification Program

In 2003, an alternative teacher certification program called iTeach TEXAS was launched in an effort to meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. iTeach TEXAS has since become the largest provider of certified teachers to Texas schools and has been approved by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification. iTeach TEXAS is scheduled to be evaluated for accreditation with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

How to Enroll in iTeach TEXAS

Candidates must have at least a 2.5 grade point average with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution that is recognized by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Administration Code. Test scores on the TASP/THEA, ACT or SAT can be used to demonstrate competency in reading, math and writing skills. During the admissions process, a content area for teaching certification is determined by the subject matter in which 12 credit hours was obtained in the applicant's previous academic work.

iTeach TEXAS Certification Requirements

There is no set enrollment date, due to the program's online framework. Requiring only seven courses (with an optional two electives), the preliminary classroom component is designed to be completed within six months. The 6-month time frame does not include the completion of the content certification test, the comprehensive review course or the field experience. Individuals are allowed up to two years to complete all the certification requirements, including the field training experience.

iTeach TEXAS Field Experience

Field training can be obtained through acquiring a full-time internship as an employed teacher or by participating in the unpaid Clinical Teaching option. The internship takes one year, but it is paid. These funds can be applied toward the iTeach TEXAS program tuition costs. Interns work with a mentor teacher, and they participate in an additional course during the year. A participant in the Clinical Teaching program works with a certified teacher in a public school every weekday for 12 weeks. The Clinical Teaching program is suitable for those needing to complete their certification requirements quickly.

iTeach TEXAS Program Costs

Flexible payment plans are available to pay the $4,250 tuition of the iTeach TEXAS certification program. The initial $50 nonrefundable application fee and $375 program fee are included in the total cost. Candidates can pay the $2,800 course fees and the $1,025 field experience fees throughout the program. Alternately, monthly payments can be deducted from the new teacher's salary during the field training teaching year. All fees must be paid in full to receive the teaching certificate. Extension fees will be applied to the accounts of those who do not complete the program within the 2-year requirement.

Contact Information

  • Address: iTeach TEXAS, P.O. Box 1626, Denton, Texas 76202
  • Phone Number: (940) 383-8100
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