Motorcycle Technology Degree Programs in CA with Course Summaries

Motorcycle technology degrees are often offered as certificates and associate's degree programs and teach students to repair, maintain and troubleshoot motorcycle engines and other essential parts of the vehicle. In California, students interested in this field can find relevant programs at Sacramento City College and the City College of San Francisco.

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Sacramento City College's Motorcycle Technology Programs

Sacramento City College provides technical and career training to more than 26,000 undergraduate students. Students in the motorcycle technology certificate and diploma programs can take advantage of the college's newly renovated technology building in addition to the campus' laboratory facilities.

Certificate in Motorcycle Maintenance

This degree program begins with an introductory course in motorcycles, motorcycle design and maintenance theory. Core courses discuss fuel, lubrication and cooling, electrical systems, engine theory and engine overhaul. Students are encouraged to learn the operating theories behind engines, transmissions and exhaust systems in addition to repair techniques. In the motorcycle dyno operation and data acquisition course students learn how to use a dynamometer to measure a motorcycle's acceleration, torque or shifting. These measurements are used to determine the proper trouble-shooting or maintenance procedures.

The certificate program is for students who wish to receive training without completing the additional courses in the humanities and natural sciences required for the associate degree. Students who complete the core courses receive a certificate of completion and are prepared for entry-level positions at motorcycle repair shops or dealerships.

Associate of Science in Motorcycle Maintenance

Core course requirements for this program are identical to those of the certificate program. However, students can take an elective course in new motorcycle inspection, assembly, service and detail which prepares students for the added responsibilities of employment at a dealership. Students may also pursue independent study and experimental offerings in motorcycle maintenance. Additional general education requirements in the liberal arts and sciences are required. It is also recommended that students take electives in chemistry and physics. Graduates of this program are prepared for entry-level positions in addition to advanced training opportunities at motorcycle dealers or manufacturers.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3835 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, California 95822
  • Phone Number: (916) 558-2111

City College of San Francisco's Motorcycle Technology Programs

The City College of San Francisco's Evans Campus is home to the School of Applied Science and Technology. The school's Automotive Technology Department offers a certificate program or an associate of science degree for students interested in a career as a motorcycle technician.

Motorcycle Technician Certificate

All students begin with a course in motorcycle design and maintenance. This course discusses the history of motorcycles and their basic design principles. Topical courses discuss the functions of a motorcycle's transmission, fuel, cooling, electrical, frame and brake components. In motorcycle engine overhaul, students learn how to diagnose and repair modern engines. After completing this course students are able to perform a complete tear-down and rebuild of various engine styles. Completion of this program prepares graduates to diagnose, rebuild or repair all other operating systems and components.

Associate of Science - Motorcycle Technician

The associate degree differs from the certificate program only in that students are required to take additional general education courses in the liberal arts and mathematics. The same nine courses required for the certificate make up the associate degree's 34 credit hours of technical training. An additional 24 hours of general education curriculum round out this two-year degree program.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1400 Evans Ave., San Francisco, California 94124
  • Phone Number: (415) 550-4440
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