Northwest Georgia College and University Options

Students in Northwest Georgia will find options for many academic ambitions. Dalton State College in Dalton provides both 2-year and 4-year degrees in a wide range of areas. Georgia Highlands College in Rome works with other colleges and universities in the area to provide options for students who may not want to spend their scholastic careers at a single campus.

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Dalton State College's Programs

This school began as a 2-year college in 1967, but started offering bachelor's degrees in 1998. Today, Dalton State College has roughly 300 staff and faculty members and a student to teacher ration of less than 30-1. The campus can be found just to the southeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This institution's accreditation comes from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

This program focuses on financial record-keeping, taxation and other financial issues in businesses. The 122 credit hours include core classes in both business and accounting. They address business costs, management, auditing, ethics and other topics.

Bachelor of Arts in English

Students interested in literature and cultural studies will find a host of classes to choose from. Literature courses are divided by time period, region and cultural group. Completion of a class in either creative or formal writing is also required. Teacher certification is provided as a separate option for English majors.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

This program addresses an exhaustive range of topics in chemistry. It requires 18 credit hours in basic chemistry, 34 hours of core chemistry classes and an additional 24 hours of upper-division science courses. Topics include organic, physical, environmental and textile chemistry. An internship is also available.

Bachelor of Social Work

Students who want to become entry-level, supervised social workers can enroll in this program. The curriculum trains students to help culturally diverse communities and especially emphasizes Spanish language courses. Applicants must complete Dalton State College's associate's program in social work before being admitted.

Associate of Science in Nursing

This program prepares students to become registered nurses (RN) after taking the National Council Licensure Examination. Courses cover pharmacology, age-specific care, nutrition and 33 credit hours' worth of general education topics. There is also an option for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to become RNs.

Contact Information

  • Address: 650 College Dr., Dalton, GA 30720
  • Phone Number: (706) 272-4436

Georgia Highlands College's Programs

Established in 1970, today Georgia Highlands College serves nearly 5,000 students. There are two campuses in Rome and satellite campuses in Cartersville, Douglasville, Marietta, Carrollton and Dallas, Georgia. The main campus is to the south of Rome, near Lindale. This 2-year institution is currently in the process of expanding its online and off-campus programs. The college divides it areas of study into transfer, career, cooperative and continuing education programs.

Criminal Justice Certificate

Students interested this non-degree certificate program must take classes that focus on corrections, criminal courts, criminology, police departments in the U.S. and either introductory psychology or sociology. Classes specifically about criminal justice must total 18 credit hours.

Associate of Arts in Philosophy

This is an example of a transfer program. Only one basic class in philosophy is offered. Extensive foreign language requirements and selected classes in science, math, history and the humanities provide the basis for philosophy students to enter 4-year universities with a head start on classes outside of the major.

Associate of Science in Computer Science

This transfer program requires 18 credit hours of coursework in programming, graphics, data structures, file management and upper-level math courses, including calculus and statistics. All Associate of Science students must take introductory calculus and a two-class sequence in physics, biology or chemistry.

Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene

Students who wish to take the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination can pursue this career program. After a foundation of 38 credit hours in general education, students spend 39 credit hours studying hygiene, pathology, radiology and pharmacology, as they pertain to dentistry. Hands-on dental hygiene experience is provided as well.

Associate of Applied Science in Technology (Drafting)

In this example of a cooperative program, students may complete general education courses at Georgia Highlands College while taking actual drafting courses at Georgia Northwestern Technical College. Students may choose from a wide variety of courses, anything from pre-calculus to theatre arts, in order to adapt their studies to the other institution's requirements.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3175 Cedartown Hwy. S.E., Rome, GA 30161
  • Phone Number: (800) 332-2406
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