Online Class in Adult Education: Coursework Overview

Online adult education courses, which may be offered at community colleges, are usually found in either continuing education or extended learning programs. The first can help adults who did not graduate from high school, or non-native speakers of English, improve their basic skills. These programs may include high school completion options and job search assistance, such as resume writing and interviewing techniques. Extended learning refers to college degree programs for working adults.

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Overview of Online Adult Education Programs

In general, online adult education classes are designed to help students complete their General Education Development (GED) requirements. With the help of streaming and pre-recorded videos, CDs and DVDs, students study reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science in order to prepare for their respective state's GED examination.

For adult degree seekers, online classes in adult education might include undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and doctoral-level coursework. Students enrolled in an online adult education course can expect to use Blackboard software, through which instructors post password-protected assignments, quizzes, tests and other course content. Most correspondence is accomplished through e-mail or postings on forum-style bulletin boards.

Though online programs for adult learners usually take longer than their traditional classroom-based counterparts, these programs are designed to help students adapt their school coursework to their life schedules.

Career Options

Regardless of which adult education courses students pursue, any additional coursework, either online or in a traditional classroom, is likely to boost their career options. Students who complete GED programs will have access to community college or 4-year university programs. After completing an online adult education program, post-baccalaureate and graduate students who earn advanced degrees and certificates may realize higher earning potential.

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