Online College Landscaping Degree Program Overviews

Although full degree programs aren't offered, online landscaping education is available through undergraduate and graduate certificate programs. These programs typically take six months to a year to complete.

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Online Certificate Programs in Landscaping

Students choosing to pursue an online certificate program in landscaping access courses through Web systems like Blackboard or Angel. This allows students to virtually attend class whenever they have time. Students can also complete lessons, turn in assignments and interact with instructors and classmates in a secure, virtual environment. Most schools also allow students to take tests through these systems, but some require that students complete the exams at an approved testing facility. More advanced courses and programs may require that students visit campus for in-person training.

Online Undergraduate Certificates

Online undergraduate certificate programs do not require that students have previous knowledge in the fields of landscaping or horticulture. The programs are designed for people who have jobs or familial obligations, so they can be completed in less than a year without a large workload.

Students study practical aspects of creating beautiful landscapes and learn to recognize shrubs and flowers easily. The courses may utilize videos, photographs and graphics of plants and landscapes for reference. Upon completion of an online undergraduate certificate in landscaping, students can open their own landscaping business, work for government agencies or find employment with residential builders.

Sample Curriculum for an Online Undergraduate Certificate Program

Students can complete these courses at their own pace, receiving assistance from tutors or professors as needed. Through courses in the following topics, students will learn the aesthetic and practical skills for creating and maintaining landscapes:

  • Soils and fertilizers
  • Hand and power tools
  • Pest control
  • Health of plants
  • Ground covers
  • Tree and shrub identification
  • Landscaping business practices

Online Graduate Certificates

Online graduate certificate programs in landscaping are typically designed for working landscape professionals and take about a year to complete. Students must have previously earned a bachelor's degree, but it doesn't necessarily have to be in landscaping or horticulture for them to be accepted into an online graduate certificate program. Completing this online certificate can lead to careers as landscape designers or nursery managers.

Sample Curriculum for an Online Graduate Certificate Program

Students take core landscaping courses in addition to courses tailored to their individual interests. Possible course topics include the following:

  • Soil science
  • Pesticides
  • Arboriculture
  • Plant nutrition
  • Greenhouse production
  • Administering landscape architecture
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