Online Continuing Education for Estheticians

All states require that estheticians be licensed. Some states also require a periodic license renewal, which may call for the completion of state-approved continuing education courses. There are many online continuing education programs for estheticians that satisfy state requirements for license renewal. Read on for more information about these online courses.

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Online Continuing Education for Estheticians

Online continuing education courses for estheticians offer professional, licensed estheticians the opportunity to fulfill state re-licensure requirements. These courses are available only to individuals who have already completed state-required instructional and practical training for the license and have passed the licensure exam. State-approved online continuing education courses can fulfill the mandatory hours and topic requirements for renewal in that particular state.

Course Topics

Most states generally require 2-16 hours of continuing education courses for esthetician license renewal. Depending on the state, online courses for estheticians typically focus on state cosmetology laws, sanitation and sterilization, occupational safety, salon ventilation, skin care essentials and HIV/AIDS training. There are also diagnosis and treatment courses for skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, acne, scleroderma and rosacea.

Students can expect to learn about advanced esthetics topics, such as microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation. Online courses may also include professional development topics such as how to increase clientele or manage a salon, as well as refresher courses in chemical solutions for hair, skin and nails.

Online Renewal Packages

Although a select few community colleges offer online courses that meet state renewal requirements, many private cosmetology schools offer state-approved online continuing education programs that sell license renewal packages online, usually for approximately $15-$50, although these costs can vary. These packages contain the necessary training information, continuing education registration and/or course evaluation materials for estheticians to prepare for the state-mandated test for re-licensure, if it's required.

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