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Several universities today not only offer individual economic courses online but fully online economics degrees at varying levels. Economics is a branch of social science that involves budgeting, banking, financial analysis, investments, urban planning and journalism. Students pursue an education in economics to become economists, financial analysts, public policy consultants, market analysts, researchers and purchasing managers.

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University of Illinois at Springfield

The University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) offers many economics courses online which count as credits toward a full online degree in economics. The online economics courses available at UIS are offered at the bachelor's degree level.

Financial Markets and Banking

University of Illinois at Springfield offers an online economics course on financial markets and on banking. The distance learning curriculum, through reading material in an online course management system, emphasizes such topics as commercial banks, monetary policy, the Federal Reserve System, regulatory agencies and depository institutions. Online discussions are conducted on the topics of capital markets and money, term structure of interest, risks and financial markets. In order to take the course, students must have already completed the required prerequisite economics courses.


Econometrics refers to the means of measuring and tracking economic data. UIS' course on econometrics covers the modes employed by professional economists; topics include estimation and hypothesis, forecasting, and probability.

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  • Phone number: (217) 206-6600
  • Address: One University Plaza, Springfield, IL 62703

Yale University

Yale University offers an online economics course completely free of charge through its Open Yale Courses (OYC) initiative. Open Yale Courses consist of published course materials, though the courses don't count for academic credit, nor do they allow communication between participants and faculty. Courses are composed mainly of lecture audio and video from recorded face-to-face sessions in the classroom. Closed captioning is also available for the hearing impaired. Along with audio and video, the courses are fully transcribed into searchable transcripts.

Financial Markets

Yale University offers a free online economics course on financial markets. This course delves into such concepts as the workings of financial institutions supporting civilized society and the management of people's economic risks.

The material provided in this free online course is theoretical and analytical, teaching students how to predict the actions and evolution of banking institutions. Highly lecture-based, the course covers such topics as banking, futures, securities, insurance and derivatives markets. Students will also explore the future of the global economy over the next 100 years.

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  • Phone number: (203) 432-2300
  • Address: 149 Elm St., New Haven, CT 06511
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