Online Health Economics Course and Class Descriptions

Students study health economics for a variety of reasons, whether as part of a degree program, or to advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen career. Health economics professionals primarily help people understand the complexities of the United States' health care system. Online courses and programs in health economics can be found in programs such as health sciences, health care administration and public health.

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General Health Economics Courses

Most health economics courses cover only basic health economics. There may be an advanced health economics course, but many schools only have one or two health economics courses. These courses are offered online for a variety of reasons, including to allow health care workers to complete continuing education about their field. Health economics courses study the economics of our health, supply, demand, competition, cost and profit. These fundamental principles of economics are applied to the complex U.S. health care system. Some courses offer insight into the systems of other countries, but most courses focus on the United States.

Health economics courses also consider organizational planning, operations and efficiency. If a hospital or organization adopts a particular policy, how does that affect health care economics? These are the types of questions that are asked and investigated by health economics course. Students study the health care market and how health services operate within it. Health insurance is also a topic of study in online health economics courses.

Public Health Economics

One health economics course that is slightly different from the general courses is one that focuses exclusively on public health. Students study private and social welfare in health care, apply economic tools to public policy, understand how the private sector influences health policy and learn about the government's impact on public health.

Health Economics Degree Programs

Students study health economics in a number of degree programs. Students in the health sciences, students in health care administration degree programs, students in public health degree programs and students in economics programs may all take health economics courses. Students at both the undergraduate and graduate degree levels will benefit from studies of health economics.

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