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There are very few speech courses available online. In some cases, students pursuing online communication degrees will have speech courses available to them. For the most part, courses for the disabled are not offered online.

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Online Speech Class Overview

Speech is a topic that can have different meanings; for example, in some cases speech classes are geared toward those with speaking disabilities or accents who wish to improve their diction and pronunciation. Speech can also refer to public speaking, which includes the craft of writing and performing speeches, like those given by politicians or motivational speakers.

Edmonds Community College

Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington, offers a Speech Communications Department which features courses that count toward a certificate in relational communication or an associate of arts degree. The department offers some of its courses online through a course management system which utilizes audio and video learning material.

Speech Communication Courses

The online speech courses at Edmonds Community College help students develop communication skills which are valuable in all professions, as well as interpersonal relationships. The speech courses that are offered online through the college course management system are:

  • Fundamentals of speech communication
  • Public speaking
  • Advanced public speaking
  • Performance studies

Contact Information

  • Phone number: (425) 640-1458
  • Address: 20000 68th Ave. W., Lynnwood, Washington 98036

Canyon College

Canyon College in Carmichael, California, offers a public speaking course through their online Department of Business and Criminal Justice. The goal of the course is to help students obtain a level of expertise in communication and management of communication situations.

Online Public Speaking Course

In Canyon College's online public speaking course, students have two distance education options to complete the requirements of the course. Option one involves students videotaping their performances of each assigned speech and sending them to the professor for evaluation. There are three major speeches and then a final exam. Option two is to critique three speeches. This option requires a significant amount of essay writing. For this project, students must attend three live speeches conducted locally, take notes and write critical essays for each. There are three required critical papers and then a final exam.

Contact Information

  • Phone number: (208) 455-0010
  • Address: 4017 Garfield Ave., Carmichael, California 95608
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