Online Ultrasound Courses and Classes with Descriptions

Ultrasound devices are used to create images for diagnostic testing. Training to operate these devices is usually found through undergraduate certificate and degree programs in diagnostic medical sonography, and many courses of such programs are available online. However, since such programs also consist of clinical requirements, students can't complete them entirely online. This article explains what ultrasound courses can be taken via distance learning.

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How Online Ultrasound Classes Work

Many students are drawn to distance learning programs because of the flexibility that taking self-paced classes offers. However, online classes in the instruction of ultrasound technology, or diagnostic medical sonography, are different from other fields in that they are commonly associated with on-site instruction in clinical settings. Schools providing such programs try to be as accommodating as possible for these clinical sections of the coursework, but because ultrasound uses advanced medical technology, the clinical classes are necessary.

Online Courses

The online courses offered within an ultrasound program are formatted in a lecture style, with teachers providing notes, course pacing schedules and other resources through e-mail and interactive Web applications. The purchase of textbooks will most likely still be a requirement, though many schools allow students to order them online. Students combine the lecture-style training with the clinical training, which can be done at nearby community colleges, technical schools or medical facilities. Students need to check with the school offering the online courses if the clinical study near them will count toward a degree or certificate.

Sectional Anatomy

This course studies human anatomy from a cross-sectional perspective. The intent is to give students the experience to examine the flat, sectional images they will be examining every day when using ultrasound imaging devices.

Medical Law and Ethics

Included in most any healthcare program, this type of class is provided to discuss the legal guidelines and ethical rules for providing medical care to patients. It discusses the regulations on the healthcare industry, the ethical oath healthcare professionals must take and the common interpretations of relevant health laws.

Diagnostic Imaging

This class discusses the kinds of ultrasound and other imaging technologies used in diagnostic sonography. Students are taught how to examine the images that they see and find signs of disease or irregularity.

Clinical Practicum

This is the section of ultrasound courses that are based on-site at clinics. The courses provide students with hands-on experience with using ultrasound technology, diagnosing illness from the images they receive and working directly with medical experts. Students log their clinical hours, and such experience counts toward a certificate or degree.

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