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Comparison of SAP Training School Options in Chicago

Founded in 1972, SAP markets enterprise application software. The company operates with a goal to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively through use of its software.

The SAP University Alliance (UA) program is made up of member universities that receive free licenses to use the software. Professors of member institutions are provided with materials to train students. Northern Illinois University, Oakton Community College and Governors State University are all members of the SAP UA and offer training in using SAP applications. Students may have difficulty identifying a school's SAP courses and programs since schools generally integrate them into their curriculum. It may be best if the student talks to a school counselor or department head to see if the school offers SAP training that matches their professional or educational goals.

Northern Illinois University Oakton Community College Governors State University
SAP Training OfferedUndergraduate and graduate SAP training courses SAP training courses Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems course
Related Programs Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Service Management,
Bachelor of Science in Operations Management and Information Systems,
Certificate of Graduate Study in Management Information Systems,
Master of Science in Management Information Systems
Associate of Applied Science - Computer Programmer, Associate of Applied Science in Computers and Information Systems Master of Science in Management Information Systems
School Type4-year, public 2-year, public 4-year, public
Total Enrollment (2011) 22,990*11,175* 5,489*
Campus SettingSmall suburbSmall cityFringe rural
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (2012-2013) $13,066 in-state; $22,554 out-of-state*$2,784 in-district; $8,220 in-state; $9,907 out-of-state*$7,346 in-state; $13,322 out-of-state*
% of All Undergraduate Students Receiving Grants and Scholarships (2010-2011) 55%* 24%* 77%*
Acceptance Rate (2012)56%* N/A - open admissions*N/A - not reported*
Retention Rate (fall 2011)71% full-time; 55% part-time*72% full-time; 41% part-time* N/A - not reported*
Graduation Rate 56% (students began studies in Fall 2005)*13% graduation rate and 40% transfer-out rate (students began studies in Fall 2008)* N/A - not reported*
Relevant Facilities and Resources $6,000 total SAP scholarships offered by Target Corporation in 2012**1,200 computers in 38 labs***Lab facilities with open lab area, five classrooms and loaded software****
NoteworthyMember of the SAP University Alliance; SAP UA Student Recognition Awards Member of the SAP University AllianceMember of the SAP University Alliance
Distance from Downtown (Driving Time)65.6 mi. (1 hour) 22.7 mi. (31 min) 36.3 mi. (46 min)

Source: *National Center for Education Statistics, **Northern Illinois University, ***Oakton Community College, ****Governors State University

Courses at Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University's College of Business became a SAP UA member in 2011. SAP UA Student Recognition Awards are given to students who complete a program with at least three SAP UA courses. The College of Business expects to include SAP training in its human resource management, accountancy and information systems classes by 2014.

Undergraduate and Graduate SAP Training Courses

The Department of Operations Management and Information Systems (OM&IS) has integrated SAP training into its programs. In 2012, the department added three SAP undergraduate courses: supply chain systems, enterprise resource planning and manufacturing technology management. The department also included three hands-on management information systems graduate courses: information systems advanced topics, business intelligence tools and applications and enterprise process improvement.

Courses at Oakton Community College

Oakton Community College started offering classes in 1969. It offers SAP-enhanced courses through its Division of Math and Technology and Division of Social Sciences and Business.

Managing Information Systems

This course is an online SAP-enhanced course. It investigates computer system used for personal or business purposes. It focuses specifically on maintenance, network communication, security, backup and software installation. The course also considers how to pick software and hardware for the computer. This course is available Spring 2013.

Introduction to ERP Systems

This course is available online in the spring of 2013. The focus of the course is how ERP systems and basic business processes interact. The course specifically concentrates on the interaction with various functional areas, such as human resource management, controlling, financial accounting, production planning, materials management and distribution and sales.

Information Systems for Business

Students learn about online business applications. They study the process, output and input of various business systems. The course includes a case study, which focuses on payroll transactions, disbursements, receipts payable and sales processing. Students may take this course in Fall 2013.

System Configuration Using SAP

Students receive hands-on experience with enterprise systems. Topics covered include implementation, configuration and design. Students also learn how to deploy an ERP system in a modern business environment. This course becomes available in the fall of 2013.

Course at Governors State University

Governors State University joined the SAP UA in October 2008. The university uses the software package in undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as accounting, management information, health professions, computer science and business. Information about courses and programs that involve SAP is generally not available online.

ERP Systems

This course instructs students in how to incorporate business processes into an ERP system. Students learn about configuring an ERP system during implementation, as well as learning about the end-user's experience. This course is part of the core management information systems courses of the Master of Science in Management Information Systems degree program.

Other School Options

Other members of the SAP University Alliance in the Chicago area are Elmhurst College, which is located less than 20 miles from Chicago, and Olivet Nazarene University, located about one hour from Chicago.

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