Trade Schools in Kansas City, MO with Information on Adult Classes

While trade schools may be difficult to find in Kansas City, options are available nearby within Missouri. Northland Career Center in Platte City offers programs in areas such as the building trades and industrial welding. Lex La-Ray Technical Center in Lexington has adult classes in subjects like automotive technology, building trades and cabinetmaking.

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Northland Career Center's Trade School Programs

Northland Career Center in Platte City, MO is located about 20 miles north of Kansas City. A public, nonprofit technical and trade school, Northland Career Center offers day and evening classes for 1- and 2-year programs in trades, health sciences, law enforcement and technology.

Building Trades Program

This course provides an introduction to electricity, carpentry, blueprint reading and painting. Classroom instruction and lab experience is combined with outdoor projects such as building a house or structure. Students learn technical information relating to the building trades industry. Those who complete the program and participate in a registered apprenticeship may receive advanced credit through the Builders' Training Center.

Industrial Welding Program

This program provides students with training in welding practices. Students begin by learning basic skills in oxygen-acetylene, shielded metal arc and fusion welding and flame cutting. Coursework provides instruction in welding terminology, blueprint reading and welding theory. Advanced training focuses on fabrication techniques, shielded metal arc welding, plasma arc cutting and gas tungsten arc welding on aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steels. Speed and work quality are both emphasized in order to prepare students for employment tests.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1801 Branch, Platte City, MO 64079
  • Phone Number: (816) 858-5505

Lex La-Ray Technical Center Trade School Programs

Located in Lexington, 40 miles from Kansas City, MO, Lex La-Ray Technical Center offers trade, nursing and technology programs to 46 students each year. All trade programs are offered on a flexible schedule and cater to working adults. Practical experience is emphasized so that students will be directly employable upon program completion.

Building Trades and Cabinetmaking Program

The Building Trades and Cabinetmaking program is designed for students who are interested in both cabinetmaking--fine detailed work on residential cabinets and interior woodwork--and both rough and finish carpentry and construction. To this end, students receive training in cutting, shaping and assembling wood finish work such as furniture, panels and moldings. Skills are also taught in drywall, rough framing, concrete finishing, ceramic tile, plumbing, painting and electrical wiring. The program can be completed in two years by juniors and seniors; adult students may, if they wish, attend six hours a day for one school year. Registered apprenticeships are also available.

Automotive Technology Program

This 2-year program teaches vehicular heating and air conditioning, suspension and steering, electrical systems, engine repair, brakes and engine performance. Students have the opportunity to earn ASE certification in all of these areas. Students who complete the program receive ten hours of articulated credit at Longview Community College in Lee's Summit, MO, and six hours credit at State Fair Community College in Sedalia. Graduates are prepared for positions as automotive service technicians, electrical repair specialists, brake technicians and other jobs in the automotive industry.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2323 High School Dr., Lexington, MO 64067
  • Phone Number: (660) 259-2264
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