Going Back for a Second Job Interview Video

Going Back for a Second Job Interview Video Transcript

Going back for your second job interview is not only a good sign, but an important cue for your continued preparation. As discussed, the second interview means your chances of employment are positive, and this video will establish how you can better follow up the first interview.

  1. What the Second Job Interview Means
    • As discussed in the video, your second interview means an increased likelihood of being hired. It is a good sign that you have been called in for a follow up interview. You are very close, and not many applicants get second interviews.
    • It is necessary to review what happened in the first interview. Examine what questions you asked and what the interviewer asked you.
  2. Preparing for the Second Job Interview
    • A second interview indicates that it is time for you to find out more about the company. This can mean learning more about its product, people, history or any more related information.
    • Going back for a second interview makes it necessary to review or change strategy. You may find there are better ways to ask questions or a better way to respond to potential questions that will be asked in the second interview.
  3. Executive or Senior Level Job Interview
    • If you are having a second interview with senior or executive level managers, be brief. It is important to demonstrate your understanding that upper management has a lot to attend to. Being concise will provide the incentive to turn your second interview into your new job.
    • It is also important to listen when going to a second interview with senior or executive management. They are used to and expect it on a regular basis. A combination of brevity and the ability to listen is vital, especially when going to your second job interview with upper management.

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