How to Make a Job Networking Connection Video

How to Make a Job Networking Connection Video Transcript

Making a job networking connection is essential to career success. Watching the video will establish how to make a job networking connection by stating what your mutual relationship is, what you are looking for and what your background is.

  1. Creating Your Job Networking Introduction
    • Any successful job networking connection has three elements. This establishes the connection, states who you are and what you are looking for.
    • The combination outlined by the video can work for phone, email or in person contact. Establishing that you have a mutual relationship will obtain a higher priority for your job networking attempt. If you don't know your job networking contact personally, the both of you may trust the individual or organization you happen to be connected through.
    • Establish your job networking relationship by saying, 'We were both at the same party', or, 'Your brother and I were University of California alumni'
  2. Who You Are and What Your Job Networking Connection Seeks
    • After establishing a mutual relationship, state what your background is. For example, you may tell your job networking contact, 'I'm a recent graduate with a computer science degree.'
    • Tell your job networking connection what you would like to find. Ask only open ended questions. For example, say, 'I was wondering if there were any job openings in your field or within your company.'
  3. Using A Job Networking Connection
    • If your job networking contact is through email, fit your short, three element introduction into one window. Put your mutual networking connection's name or organization in the subject line. If it is a voice contact, keep it short.
    • Phone or in person job networking contact can be a bit longer. The three elements of your introduction can be converted into a dialogue.

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