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Being a career lawyer involves a lot of training and experience. Watching this video will walk you through the overview of a legal career from working hours, establishing yourself in the field, obtaining higher earnings and working your way up.

  1. The Reality of Being a Lawyer
    • Lawyers work very long hours throughout their career. Beginning lawyers start out at firms that may require 2300 billable hours per year to clients, which equates to a lot more than 40 hours a week, especially since not all of those are charged.
    • Completion of the video establishes litigation as another source of long hours, especially in trial. This can make long days for parents and lawyers with young children.
  2. How to Get Higher Earnings as a Lawyer
    • Higher career earnings as a lawyer require attendance in a highly ranked law school. You should obtain the best grades possible and employment with the most prestigious firm you can, which is done through work as a summer associate.
    • You can make good money throughout your career as an in house lawyer with a corporation. This can be accomplished through work in a big firm at first. You can also be a solo practitioner with experience and good contacts.
  3. Lawyers With Lower Earnings
    • Not all lawyers earn a lot. This is especially true with underprivileged or low income clients such as immigrants or divorcees.
    • Many earn less if they're new lawyers from less prestigious schools and work in firm sweatshops. Generally, if you work for the plaintiff, you make less. This is not as true for those representing corporate clients.
  4. Careers Where Lawyers Earn More
    • Lawyers obtain high earnings representing government agencies. These include those acting as city attorneys and those acting as public prosecutors or defenders. You can also earn more as a lawyer representing large nonprofits, universities and unions.
    • Most career lawyers work on the defendant's side. This is because a defendant hiring your services as a lawyer will have bigger pockets. It's easier for you to work for a corporation.

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