Making Job Networking Work for You Video

Making Job Networking Work for You Video Transcript

It is important to make job networking work for you. The video will walk you through establishing a networking contact, using a networking contact and following up after you have established contact.

  1. Establishing a Job Networking Contact
    • Once you've got your job networking introduction, you want to use it to make contact. If people don't respond immediately, persist diplomatically, but not obnoxiously. Most networking contacts are busy and may have other priorities like a job.
    • Use another mode of contact when the first attempt fails. If you made a job networking contact by phone, use email. If you used email, use the phone. While your email may not be the job networking contact's priority, yours is establishing the connection.
  2. Job Networking Contact
    • People are often glad when you finally connect. Ask your job networking contact if you can talk right now, or if there's good time or another time to talk. Making job contacts work for you is easier in person.
    • Once you make contact, avoid yes or no questions. Leave open ended questions and provide job networking contacts the chance to help. For example, ask if they know of any marketing jobs or referrals instead of asking if their company has marketing jobs open.
  3. Follow Up Makes Job Networking Contacts Work for You
    • Be sure to thank your job networking contacts -- a lot. Send them a follow up email or note. Also, remember that you're using their reputation, and respect that connection.
    • You may need to talk to your job networking contact again. Follow up. Be sure you thank your contact, and if their job information was helpful, watching the video has established that you should tell them so.

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