Nail Technician Career Video: Becoming a Manicurist or Pedicurist

Nail Technician Career Video: Becoming a Manicurist or Pedicurist Transcript

Nail technicians typically have a background in cosmetology and provide clients with nail services, such as manicures or pedicures. These professionals often attend beauty school and may be referred to as a cosmetologist. They can be found working in salons, spas, hotels, or as independent technicians.


Nail technicians, sometimes called manicurists or pedicurists, offer nail services to clients in a variety of settings. They typically work exclusively on nails, though they may also offer foot and hand massages. They should enjoy working with others and be certified or licensed in their specialty.

Job Duties and Skills

Depending on your work location, the job duties and skills of nail technicians can vary slightly. Sometimes, cosmetologists or hair dressers are also considered nail technicians. These skilled individuals typically work in a salon or spa setting that offers multiple services to its clients. These individuals may be charged with not only providing hair styling, color and cutting services, but manicure and pedicure services as well.

If you work in a smaller location such as a nail shop or as an independent service provider, your duties will be focused on manicure and pedicure services alone. Trimming, filing, polishing, and providing nail extensions are just some of the duties required as a nail technician. Should you choose to own your own salon or business, you'll also need to have managerial and business skills to match with your technical skills.

Training Required

All nail technicians are required to be licensed. Many times, graduating from a state-licensed beauty or cosmetology school will fit this requirement. Full-time programs in the area of cosmetology are typically 9 months in length. Upon completion, an associate's degree is usually earned. However, if you are wishing to only specialize as a nail technician, your program completion time can be significantly less. Many times there is also a separate licensing exam required by states for nail technicians.

Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for those wishing to start a career as a nail technician. If you choose to study the broad field and practices of cosmetology, you may find yourself working in other areas such as hair dressing or skin care as well. Other areas of work may include becoming an independent service provider, owning or starting your own salon or spa or working in a resort environment that offers similar services.


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