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The guidelines you should follow for writing your resume are simple and effective once it's presented. Watching this video will walk you through resume format, writing your resume to be reader friendly and how to describe your qualifications and accomplishments.

  1. Format of Resumes
    • Resumes should only be around one page in length for recent graduates. Once you gain experience, you can start writing one and a half or two page resumes. This should only be done once your resume starts crowding.
    • When writing your resume, leave spaces between sections. Margins on your resume should be between three quarters of an inch and one inch wide.
  2. Writing Your Resume to be Readable
    • As watching the video establishes, most resumes are read in less than a minute. When writing your resume, bear in mind that the less you write the more is read and comprehended. A large amount of text with no space is more difficult to read, so much harder for a potential employer to consider.
    • Make sure that the font is neither too big nor too small to read. An 11-point font is a happy medium. Be sure that you leave clear white space.
  3. Describe Your Qualifications in a Resume
    • You should not use paragraphs when writing your resume. A good guideline is that paragraphs are hard to read fast, minimizing the chances the chances that your resume will get reviewed.
    • Use bullets when writing your resume. These are a great way to outline your achievements, work history and education. Make long bullets into two. You should bear in mind as a guideline that, when writing your resume, no bullet should last more than two and a half lines.

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